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What is it? This is a No. 2 Brownie Model D box camera, made by the Eastman-Kodak company around 1914. The name “Brownie” has been used by Kodak on a huge variety.My Photographic Beginnings. The first camera that I owned was a Kodak Brownie 127 that was a present given to me by my brother Jim when I was about ten years.

There’s nothing like a ‘Canon’ vs ‘Nikon’ discussion to get photographers going. Those with cameras from either brand love to defend their.Dec 29, 2008 Pocket Fujica 350 Zoom Half Frames / Subminiatures.

  1. Results 1 - 48 of 217 Fuji Discovery 1000 Zoom Date 35mm Film Point & Shoot Camera Fujifilm DL-320 Zoom Discovery 35mm Camera w/Manual & Original Box. .00 2 Fujica 350 Zoom Pocket Sized Small Cameras. .00.On this page you will find which battery to buy for FUJI. CAMERA. PRISM / Cardia Mini Tiara Zoom II · Cardia Super 28WP Pocket 350 Zoom · Pocket.

  2. This is part two of my three part Fuji X Series Buyer’s guide. Please visit part one to read my introduction to this series and read my thoughts.Nov 7, 2017 The Pocket Fujica 350 Zoom is a 1970s-era camera for 110 film. It features a focusing zoom lens, and exposure settings for "sunny", "partially .

  3. Apr 1, 2018 In the case of the 110 format, this would typically be the K battery, which The Fujica Pocket 350 Zoom, for being so readily overlooked today, .Some 700 links to photographiy equipment DIY work: Repair, modification and construction.

essary, or keep the battery in your pocket or pocket or other warm place and exchange The camera zooms all the way out and zoom remains fixed at the FinePix AX300 to AX324/AX350 to AX375/AV200 to AV225/AV250 to AV275.Search 3360 quality used items from the London Camera Exchange Group.

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Umfangreiche Linkliste zu Selbstbau, Reparatur und Modifikation von Fotoequipment: Kameras, Objektive, Beleuchtung, Labor, Studio.Fujica Pocket 350ZOOM. Fujicolor Strobo P. index | FAQ/help. Last updated 21st January.

Fuji saw the new 110 camera and film market as a way to rewrite history. And they rewrote it with a For example, in 1976, they were the first company to stick a zoom lens on a 110 camera! Pocket 350 Wide Uses one 544 battery.The real first 35mm format SLR was the Ihagee Kine Exakta, produced in 1936 in Germany, which was fundamentally a scaled-down Vest-Pocket Exakta.

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