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For decades, vintage radio collectors have rated the Grebe Synchrophase MU-1 as one of the best, if not "the best," Battery-operated TRF-Neutrodyne radio receiver, with performance that is matched.

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The tuning condensers were very small due to the high inductance value of the However, the 1926 Grebe Synchrophase manual states that the escutcheons .

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These radio, TV, record player and tape or cassette recorder schematics,circuit diagrams and service manuals are mostly high quality, very readable scans and will usually be Emailed within an hour or two, if I need to scan an item, or it's the middle of the night here (it is 00:16 in the UK) it may take a little longer.

I have a Grebe Synchrophase MU-1 that I have owned for almost 20 years. I purchased it at an auction but have never powered this radio. Inside, the electronics look perfect and clean.

Mar 13, 1999 According to the 1956 manual (TM 11-263), the expected microphone, J-45 telegraph key, HS -30 head- Grebe Synchrophase.

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Sequences of machine parts being manufactured, both factory floor long views and close-ups of hands performing manual assembly and machine operation. Both men and women pictured working in factory environment. Women's shots are time logged below.

of the Grebe Synchrophase A -C Six gains prestige- there's profit not only tivity and ease of operation established by the Grebe tras in high schools, of piano -playing contests and so on the same manual as is used by the Sparton.

A contributed this picture of the new Grebe Radio factory from Radio News, September, 1922. Notice the Grebe Radio delivery truck off to the right. Notice the Grebe Radio delivery truck off to the right.

the Synchrophase mean a minimum A. H. Grebe & Co., Inc., 109 W. 57th St., N. Y. Factory: power to step out and get the far-off stations on all wave lengths, high cent of cost, the most complete retail merchandising manual ever prepared by a radio acces- The store clerk reads it because of its educational articles.

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