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SenTix® pH electrodes feature optimized membrane glass that guarantees quick measurement, even at low temperatures. TetraCon® conductivity cells feature the highest degree of precision and linearity by optimized cell geometry.Special samples require special electrodes. pH value of low-ion samples, smallest volumes and much more: No problem for the SenTix ® specialists. A selection of insertion, micro and other special electrodes solve nearly any pH measuring problem.ba75844e02 04/2010 SenTix® 940 SenTix® 940-3 SenTix® F900 SenTix® F 900-3 pH electrode with gel electrolyte Operating manual.

  • WTW sensors conventional pH electrode SenTix® 81 SenTix® 81, Precision electrode with temperature sensor, DIN cable, 103642. SenTix® 82, Precision .Loligo ® Systems develops research equipment for aquatic biology. Our products allow scientists all over the world to excel in the fields of swimming performance, respirometry, blood physiology and behavior analysis in a diversity of marine and freshwater organisms.pH combination electrodes, liquid electrolyte, SenTix®, refillable Standard pH combination electrodes with glass shaft, non-solid electrolytes.

  • electrophoresis 314 ground glass joints 423 evaporating / crystallising to 35 ø 81 ø 105 130 x 130 130 x 130 130 x 130 150 x 170 150 x 170 100 200 1000 ph meter ph 3110, ph sensor sentix® , stand, beaker, short instruc- tion manual, .SenTix Commissioning, measuring, calibration ba75843e01 08/2009 15 Commissioning, measuring, calibration Commissioning The electrode is filled with reference electrolyte solution in the factory.Plastic dispensing reel with 1 roll of indicator paper and colour scale. 3 SenTix® 81 and accessories pH combination electrodes, gel electrolyte, SenTix®.

  • Oct 1, 2009 Meters with drinking water kit further add: Sentix® 81 probe, stand, beaker, WTW ProfiLine pH 3110 Handheld pH Meters Instruction Manual.U-50 Multi-parameter Water Quality Meter. 81. Meter for Monitoring pH, SenTix® 41 Plastic Body Electrode with Tempera- Manual -4 to 266°F.l Push-button calibration with auto-buffer recognition l Waterproof SenTix.21. KH-59500-81 Replacement pH/ATC electrode, plastic body, refillable liquid .

  • pH electrodes SenTix ® : Standard electrodes with gel and precision electrodes with liquid gel electrolyte for pH measurements in lab applications and in the field Maintenance-free gel reference system across the entire product.…electrode SenTix® 41, buffers, 3 mol/l KCl inoLab pH 7110 SET 4: Easy-to-operate basic pH/mV benchtop meter with DIN socket for routine measurement. For AC and battery operation. Meter with universal power supply, electrode arm and operation manual. 3in1 pH electrode.SenTix. ®. F, F-3. pH combination electrodes with polymer and gel electrolyte This may result in differences between this operating manual and your combina-.

  • Electrode types, features, and compatibility are determining factors in selecting the right pH electrode. pH electrodes are available with a glass or epoxy body and a variety of electrode body styles, fill types, references, junctions, and connectors to suit your application.SenTix special electrodes can take on the challenges associated with measuring the pH value of surfaces, solids, suspensions, emulsions, low ionic samples, smallest volumes and more. For those who require a non-glass electrode, the SenTix FET can be used with every WTW pH meter.Use these pH electrodes for portable measurement and routine measurement in the lab. WTW™ SenTix™ 81 pH Electrodes are ideal for applications where .

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Mar 11, 2011 Meters with drinking water kit further add: Sentix® 81 probe, stand, beaker, WTW ProfiLine pH 3310 Handheld pH Meters Instruction Manual.ELECTRODE PH 0.14/0.100/3MOL/KCL(GLASS PROBE) plug including German manual and German/English short-instructions Guranty for. a Sentix 81 electrode and pH meter (WTW, Germany).SenTix electrode Stand head inoLab pH Level 2is available as a complete set – ready to go. Equipment • inoLab pH Level 2 • Passive multifunction box - Freely adjustable stand head with electrode holder for 2 pH electrodes, temperature sensor and/or oxygen sensor or conductivity cell - Storage compartment for unused cable - One locking holder accepting one beaker or one electrode.

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